Which are the best strings for beginners? What's the difference between electric and acoustic guitar strings? Should I use coated strings? What do string gauges mean? All this and more from Guitar String Guide - your guide to guitar strings, tuning and more....

Best electric guitar strings for beginners

Ernie Ball Super Slinky

It's something most new guitarists don't think of until they break their first string - "what are the best guitar strings for me?". There are a bewildering range of guitar strings available, with terms like Nickel, roundwound, gauge, light, medium, skinny top etc to confuse the uninitiated. So here's some simple advice for the beginner: read more »

What is Nashville Tuning?

D'Addario electric guitar strings for Nashville Tuning

Nashville Tuning gives a great jangly sound and doesn't need the guitarist to learn any new chord fingerings, so is well worth exploring - especially for those fortunate enough to own several guitars. Nashville (or "high strung") tuning is a bit of an oddity in the guitar world, as unlike "open" tunings it contains exactly the same notes as regular guitar tuning and is played using the same chord fingering. The difference is the octaves of the strings. Nashville Tuning contains no bass strings at all and gives a unique bright treble sound that is fantastic when played alongside another guitar with regular tuning - especially useful for recording a 12-string guitar sound when no 12-string is available. read more »

Best strings for Classical Guitars

Nylon classical guitar strings

Nylon classical guitar strings are very different to strings used on steel-strung acoustic or electric guitars and with dozens of brands and types available it can be difficult choosing the best nylon strings for your classical guitar.

How often should I change my classical guitar strings?

Although they don't break too easily, nylon strings do not have a very long playing life once installed on the guitar, as their brightness and tone soon fades with age and use. The beginner learning classical guitar might change their strings every few weeks or months, while a professional read more »

The world's weirdest guitar? 42-string Pikasso

Picasso guitar with 42 strings

We all know about 6-string guitars and 12-strings... you may have even heard of 10-strings, and twin-necks that can have 18 strings... but check this out - 42 strings! Known as the Picasso guitar, after its likeness to the cubist paintings of Pablo Picasso, this one pictured belongs to jazz supremo Pat Metheny, one of the most famous jazz guitar players of our time.

Believe it or not, this weird guitar is not just for show - Pat plays it for real... all 42 strings! The Picasso guitar was built for him by read more »

Are Pure Nickel guitar strings better than Nickel Plated?

DR Pure Blues - pure Nickel guitar strings

In the 1950s, when electric guitars started to become mainstream brought new requirements for guitar strings - not only did they need to have great tone and longevity, that also needed good magnetic properties to work with magnetic pickups. The requirement led string manufacturers to experiment with different metals and alloys including Monel steel, stainless steel 430, chrome, nickel, and others. These had better magnetic properties than the traditional bronze and brass used in acoustic guitar strings. read more »

What strings does Slash of Guns n Roses use?

Slash Ernie Ball Guitar Strings

Slash (real name Saul Hudson) is of course best known as the lead guitarist of the Guns N' Roses in the 1980s and early 1990s, but also played in Slash's Snakepit for some of that time. He then co-founded the Velvet Revolver and continued to play great guitar through the mid to late 2000s. In 2010, Slash released his debut solo album, along with an all-star roster of famous guest musicians. read more »

New online store for Guitar Gizmos


Guitar Gizmos, the company that bought you first the Space Trainer for helping with chord hand position and then the Power Chord Trainer to help beginners learn Rock Chords has now opened a new web store. Gizmos is on a mission to help guitarists learn and practice more effectively and their latest offerings include "liquid skin" to help prevent the usual sore fingertips that all new guitarists suffer and an innovative color-coded system for finding notes all up the fretboard - humorously called "Don't Fret". They also sell some basic accessories specually chosen for new guitarists and we'll sure they will be expanding the range soon.

They boast worldwide delivery and accept payment in a variety of local currencies, from US, Canadian and Australian Dollars to Euros and UK Pounds. Check out their store at shop.guitar-gizmo.com read more »

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