Top 10 Christmas gifts for guitarists!

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It's coming up to Christmas and the perennial question "what can I buy a guitarist for Christmas"? There are a million answers, but it can be difficult for Mom, Dad, aunty or sister to know what is suitable. So here's our top ten stocking filler Christmas gifts for guitar players everywhere, from beginners to experts.

For beginners and "improvers"...

1) A guitar practice aid.
These great little gadgets can be a real help in encouraging constructive practice and developing good practice.
Power Chord Trainer is aimed mainly at Rock guitarists and is a BIG hit with teenage boys!
Space Trainer is more universal and can help with proper left hand finger position for acoustic and electric guitar players, playing open chords or classical styles.
Both are delivered worldwide and are under $10 each - Buy either from or from eBay. An ideal stocking filler for Christmas.

2) A chord book.
We tend to learn more and more online these days, but some things are still just easier in paper form!
A basic guitar chord book is something every guitarist should own... yes, even if they have an iPod App that does the same thing! Here's a couple of popular ones... one slim book that fits in the guitar case and one larger and more comprehensive version.

For every guitarist...

3) A new set of strings!
Yes, maybe the obvious answer from a guitar string guide website, but most guitarists don't change their strings often enough and a new set of strings give a nice new bright sound. The perfect start to a new year. And for more experienced guitarists, how about a different brand or type from usual? A great chance to try Pure Nickel strings, or Coated Strings. Check out our "Best Strings for..." button on the left-hand-side menu. A great Christmas present standby!

4) A capo.
Great for all guitarists, whether playing electric or acoustic guitar. Allows beginners to easily transpose into different "difficult" keys (Eb, anyone? C#?) and great for creativity and songwriting. They range from budget and basic, to stylish (the G7 Capo is a work of art!). For more advanced guitarists try "partial capos" by Shubb.

5) A metronome.
What, a metronome?! Aren't they old-fashioned things that piano players use?
Many guitar players have never used a metronome and don't see the point in them. But those who do use a metronome soon learn that it is a great practice aid and really helps with learning new tunes or phrases (start very slowly; gradually increase the tempo) and for general time-keeping. The old-fashioned "swinging arm in a wooden case" ones are still available - at a price - but these days most modern metronomes are electronic, compact and cheap!

6) Fast Fret string cleaner.
A must for every guitarist. Cleans off the grease, grime and sweat from your fingers, lubricates your strings and protects them from rusting.

7) A guitar tuner.
Almost every guitarist will have a guitar tuner of some sort... but is it any good? Check out for some ideas! We would particularly recommend the Polytune for gadget freaks, a Strobe Tuner for perfectionists and a Rack Tuner for Pros!

8) A guitar stand.
Does the guitarist in your life rest his or her guitar against the sofa, or lay on on their bed? They're just asking for trouble! A guitar stand is a perfect Christmas Gift and they're available in all shapes and sizes from budget to pro. Just be sure you get one suitable for electric or acoustic guitar as applicable - beyond that, they're pretty universal. Try this search for ideas!

9) Guitar Polish and Polishing cloth
Guitarists love their guitars! Help them care for their precious machines buy buying guitar polish for Christmas. Available from all the main guitar brands such as Fender and Gibson and also well-known generic brands like Planet Waves. You can't really go wrong with this Christmas stocking-filler, and why not get a branded polishing cloth too? Everyone loves a shiny guitar!

And finally, for the guitarist who has everything...

10) ... how about a solid gold guitar?
Yes, really. The Goldcaster, created and built by Jhoseph King is based on a Fender Telecaster, but made of solid gold. The price? $1,000,000. Yep, it's a million dollar guitar. If you really want it, check out (but it won't fit in that Christmas stocking!).

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