Guitar left hand help for beginners

Guitar hand help. Space Trainer Accessory

New guitar players always struggle with the correct position and shape for their left hand when playing first open chords. To a beginner, the hand shape feels unnatural and they tend to flatten the fingers on the fretboard and grip the neck too tight, leading to problems as the chord doesn't sound right and doesn't ring... and makes your fingers hurt! All very discouraging to the guitar newbie. But help is at hand with a simple accessory to overcome these hand problems.

Aimed at both beginner guitarists and guitar teachers, the Space Trainer is a simple and cheap little gizmo that clips onto the neck of any guitar. Available worldwide directly from , the Space Trainer clips into place on the neck of your acoustic, electric or classical guitar and the space bar across the bottom of the fretboard has the effect of

forcing you to bend your fingers and correctly fret open chords. It is impossible to tightly grip the guitar's neck with the Space Trainer fitted and instead it guides the player to use the tips of the fingers of the left hand, naturally eliminating the usual beginner's 'flat fingers' contortions.

The Space Trainer clips in place easily on a variety of guitar neck shapes and does not obstruct the strings when playing, although playing with the hand trainer attached to the neck does feels a little strange to a more experienced guitarist. It can be used for pretty much any style of guitar playing, whether you prefer the classical hand position with thum directly behind the neck or a more relaxed "baseball bat" style more common with rock and pop strummers! Although aimed mainly at playing open chords, the hand trainer is equally helpful for teachers or pupils of classical guitar - playing scales and melodies with that all-important arched shape to teh hand and fingers.

For anyone who has tried a Space Trainer, there is little doubt that it does exactly what it claims - preventing over-gripping and naturally forcing the left hand to adopt the correct position. Beginner guitarists would benefit greatly from having the trainer fitted from the very first lesson, keeping it on for private practice the removing it after a few weeks once the basic chord positions have been learned. Like training wheels on a child's first bike, the hand trainer can then be removed but the benefits not lost and, hopefully the beginner guitarist has learnt the benifits of "proper" hand position from the very early stages of their lessons.

To quote "We think it's a good idea, and well worth a punt for pure beginners at £5." (£5 is around $7.50 USD)

Space Trainer is available for worldwide delivery from

What is it?
A simple clip-on device that helps teach left-hand chord position

How does it work?
It clips on to the guitar's neck, providing a bar that forces the guitarist's hand into the correct shape on the fretboard.

Who is it for?
Beginner guitar students - children and adults

What guitars does it fit?
It fits most electric and bass guitars, acoustic guitars and half size classical guitars.

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