New online store for Guitar Gizmos


Guitar Gizmos, the company that bought you first the Space Trainer for helping with chord hand position and then the Power Chord Trainer to help beginners learn Rock Chords has now opened a new web store. Gizmos is on a mission to help guitarists learn and practice more effectively and their latest offerings include "liquid skin" to help prevent the usual sore fingertips that all new guitarists suffer and an innovative color-coded system for finding notes all up the fretboard - humorously called "Don't Fret". They also sell some basic accessories specually chosen for new guitarists and we'll sure they will be expanding the range soon.

They boast worldwide delivery and accept payment in a variety of local currencies, from US, Canadian and Australian Dollars to Euros and UK Pounds. Check out their store at

Wanna Rock? Power Chord Trainer