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Guitar left hand help for beginners

Guitar hand help. Space Trainer Accessory

New guitar players always struggle with the correct position and shape for their left hand when playing first open chords. To a beginner, the hand shape feels unnatural and they tend to flatten the fingers on the fretboard and grip the neck too tight, leading to problems as the chord doesn't sound right and doesn't ring... and makes your fingers hurt! All very discouraging to the guitar newbie. But help is at hand with a simple accessory to overcome these hand problems.

Aimed at both beginner guitarists and guitar teachers, the Space Trainer is a simple and cheap little gizmo that clips onto the neck of any guitar. Available worldwide directly from http://guitar-gizmos.com , the Space Trainer clips into place on the neck of your acoustic, electric or classical guitar and the space bar across the bottom of the fretboard has the effect of read more »

Slayer's Kerry King chooses Dunlop for Thrash Metal Strings

Slayer guitarist Kerry King

Slayer's axeman Kerry King - aka KFK is the godfather of thrash metal and one of the most influential thrash metal guitarists of our generation. With aggressive high-speed right-hand picking style, aggressive vibrato and severe bends, King tests his guitar strings to destruction. His bald head, spiked wristband, long beard and extensive tattoos read more »

New D'Addario Medium Top / Extra Heavy Bottom strings for Drop D Tuning

D'Addario Medium Top / Extra Heavy Bottom Drop-D strings

D'Addario have announced a new gauge set of popular XL electric guitar strings designed specially for guitarists who use Drop D Tuning.

The new EXL117's are designated "Medium Top / Extra Heavy Bottom" and range from 11 - 56 gauge. (11, 14, 19, 32, 44, 56). read more »

New foil packaging for GHS Boomers

GHS Boomers foil pack

The well-loved GHS "Boomers" range of electric guitar strings is now available in new environmentally-friendly stay-fresh foil packaging, following the trend being adopted by many major string manufacturers worldwide. read more »

Rotosound announce "Double Decker" dual string packs

Rotosound Double Decker dual string packs

Launched in NAMM 2010, British string maker Rotosound are to introduce dual guitar string sets branded "Double Decker" after the iconic British double decker bus.

The formula is simple Rotosound have taken two sets from their mot popular Roto nickel on steel "Roto" range and have housed them in a single pack. read more »

Laurence Juber Signature acoustic guitar strings from GHS


GHS have teamed up with former Wings guitarist Laurence Juber to produce Signature Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings. Originally from London, England, Juber has lived in California for many years. Since Wings split he has worked as a studio musician and played guitar for numerous television shows and movies, including playing the James Bond theme for the movie The Spy Who Loved Me. read more »

Elixir Strings chosen for Michael Lewis Guitars

Elixir Strings on Michael Lewis Guitars

Michael Lewis Guitars has chosen to fit Elixir Strings as standard to all its guitars.

The new line of electric guitars by top session guitarist Michael Lewis are to be built by master luthiers at Southbound Custom (builders for Gibson and for Gruhn Guitars). read more »

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