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Best guitar strings for Heavy Metal

Drop D Heavy Metal Guitar Strings
Generally, heavy rock = heavy strings. Heavier (or thicker) gauge strings tend to give a fuller more bass-rich sound when played hard and also take the pounding of heavy strumming. The downside is that they're harder on the fingers, especially for beginners, and are more difficult to bent when playing lead. 11 gauge string sets are the most popular for pro Heavy Metal. (See here for discussion of what gauges mean!)  read more »

Rotosound launch "British Steels" electric guitar strings

Jimi Hendrix - Rotosound guitar strings

British guitar string maker Rotosound has launched new stainless steel strings based on their popular 1960s classics, but using improved processes and better materials

The original 1960s Rotosound stainless steel strings were used by the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Pete Townsend, Brian May and many others, giving the clear, bright punchy 60's sound, read more »

Rotosound launch new coated Nexus strings

Rotosound Nexus coated guitar strings

Iconic British guitar string maker Rotosound have launched their first range of coated guitar strings for both acoustic and electric guitars under the brand name "Nexus". Both Nexus string types use a special polycoat material to give a smooth touch and longer life, improving tone and preventing tarnishing. read more »

GHS Sub-zero Boomers - electric guitar strings from the deep freeze!


GHS "Boomers" already have a big following, especially with guitarists in the USA.

Now GHS have launched super-boomers in the form of their Sub-Zero Boomers series.

The GHS Sub-Zero Boomer strings are cryogenically treated in a computerized system with liquid nitrogen, taking them down to a temperature of below -300 degrees fahrenheit, before gradually bringing them back up to room temperature. read more »

Guitar teaching aid solves beginners problem of left hand position

Guitar teaching aid

One of the biggest problems children (and adults) have when first learning to play the guitar is the correct position for their left hand when playing chords. There is a natural tendency for the student beginner to over-grip the guitar's neck and flatten the fingers on the fretboard, leading to much frustration as the chord is incorrectly fretted and doesn't sound as it should... read more »

Rotosound announce "No price increase"


English guitar string maker Rotosound are advertising "0% price increase in January 2009".
January is the time when string suppliers generally revise their prices, typically adding an inflation-matched percentage to their wholesale prices, which is then passed on to the guitarist buyer. read more »

D'Addario promotes green guitar strings

Jim D'Addario, CEO D'Addario Strings

Way back in 1987, D'Addario strings boss Jim was challenged by his 13-year-old daughter about the amount of waste packaging thown away every time he changed his guitar strings. This was the starting point of D'Addario's on-going green guitar strings campaign that is resulted in their latest initiative - "clean wire" in all wound strings, eliminating tin-plating from the string-making process. read more »

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