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What are guitar chords?

C chord

One of the most basic questions asked by student guitar players is 'what is a chord'?

A chord is simply a collection of single notes that, when played together give a pleasing sound. Chords are made up of a minimum of three notes and are referred to by the 'root' note - that is, the dominant note that you hear. read more »

Guitar Capos

Guitar capo

Capos are used to change the key and pitch of a guitar without having to adjust the strings with the tuning keys. They are used both to make playing easier and to produce different sounds. For example, using 'open' chord voicings instead of using bar chords. read more »

GHS Launch Magnetic Pressure-Wound Bass Strings

GHS pressure wound bass guitar strings

GHS have launched a new range of "pressure wound" electric bass strings. Made from a magentically active material, Alloy 52, GHS Pressurewound bass strings are made to specifically increase the string's brightness. Each string is slightly flattened in the winding process to give you a great feeling string that cuts down on finger noise. read more »

Rotosound celebrates 50th birthday with a new image

Rotosound guitar strings new image

British manufacturer Rotosound Music Strings is 50 years old in 2008 and to reflect life in the 21st Century has decided it's
time for a facelift. The famous Rotosound Lion, a mainstay for many years, is to be
replaced with a grungy, funkier feel and a clear to read, concise box front. Their entire packaging read more »

New packaging for Ernie Ball's Slinky guitar strings

Ernie Ball foil packaged strings

Ernie Ball have anounced a major update to their famous slinky guitar string packaging, after 45 years. read more »

What is the best gauge of electric guitar strings for a Beginner?

For beginners we usually recommend:

9s (9 gauge) for playing rhythm and lead guitar - e.g. Ernie Ball Super Slinky or Rotosound Roto Pink

10s (10 gauge) for playing mostly rhythm guitar - e.g. Ernie Ball Regular Slinky or Rotosound Roto Yellow read more »

Which are the best electric guitar strings?

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