Which are the best strings for beginners? What's the difference between electric and acoustic guitar strings? Should I use coated strings? What do string gauges mean? All this and more from Guitar String Guide - your guide to guitar strings, tuning and more....

How guitar strings are made - great video from the D'Addario factory

Ever wondered how guitar strings are made? This video from the Discovery Channel shows the whole process in just 4 minutes, showing D'Addario acoustic steel strings and nylon strings right up until they go into the special Corrosion Intercept bags...

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Different types of winding on guitar strings


There are several varieties of wound strings, referred to by their winding type: roundwound, flatwound, halfwound and hexwound.

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What is the difference between acoustic and electric guitar strings?

Electric guitar strings are made of ferrous metal because the electric guitar pickup directly senses the vibration of the string magnetically. They are made of usually steel plated with a nickel alloy. read more »

Tuning your guitar

Qwik Tune guitar tuner

One of the first things you need to know as a new guitarist is how to tune your guitar. The principle is the same for all 6-string guitars regardless of whether they are acoustic, electric or classical.
The thinnest and highest sounding string is the 1st string. The thickest and lowest sounding string on the guitar is the 6th string. read more »

Types of guitar strings

There are three main types of guitar strings: Electric, Acoustic and Classical..

Electric guitar strings

Usually Nickel-plated steel wound onto carbon steel, but sometimes stainless steel. Because the electric guitar pickup directly senses the vibration of the string magnetically, the strings must be made of ferrous metals - i.e. they must contain iron, which is magnetic.

Acoustic guitar strings (steel)

Most steel guitar strings are known as Bronze or Phosphor Bronze. Because the guitar does not rely on magnetic pick-ups non-ferrous metals may be used. The core wire is still made of steel (hence 'steel string' guitars), but the outer winding on the 'wound' strings is made of bronze.

Nylon guitar strings (classical or Spanish guitar)

Guitar strings were originally made from animal gut, but in 1969 Augustine created the world's first synthetic guitar strings, made from Nylon. All classical guitar strings are now made from nylon. The bass strings are wound with metal wire however, the same as other types of strings. These fine wire wrappings are made from bronze, silver or other metals. read more »

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