New power chord accessory helps beginners to Rock

Power chord trainer in use playing F5

Wanna Rock?? A brand new invention is helping wannabe Rock guitarists to master power chords.

Power chords are a major part of many rock styles and the Power Chord Trainer (see ) aims to overcome the main problem that beginners have with playing power chords, that of maintaining the correct finger spacing. Although power chords are generally considered to be easier to play than barre chords, the finger positioning can feel like am impossible task to the novice. The Power Chord Trainer acts as both a guide and a way of building muscle memory in the left hand.

British duo Paul Leverett and Kelvin Pratt designed the device after guitar-teacher Kelvin recognised the problem in many of his rock guitar students. "All my guitar students want to play rock", says Kelvin," but they struggle to hold the correct finger spacing when playing power chords. I saw the need for a device to help in the first stages of playing rock chords and developing muscle memory." 

The Power Chord Trainer is a lightweight device that fits between the fingers of the guitarist's left hand to achieve the required spacing for playing power chords. Made of flexible, springy plastic, the Power Chord Trainer is optimized for playing power chords all the way up the neck of the guitar, compressing for the higher frets as the guitarist naturally squeezes their fingers together.

"The Power Chord Trainer looks simple, but a lot of thought and development went into it" says product designer Paul Leverett. "We needed to make the device as universal as possible, working on all hand sizes and for all power chord positions. We're delighted at the final product and novice guitar players have given us great feedback on using the Power Chord Trainer."

The Power Chord Trainer is available to buy online now and is expected to be in music shops by October 2010. It can be delivered direct to customers worldwide and is priced at $9.99 in the US, €7.75 in Europe and £6.49 in UK.

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Wanna Rock? Power Chord Trainer