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How often do you change your strings?

Guitar strings under microscope

Guitar strings age in several ways - they stretch, tarnish and get contaminated with sweat and dirt. Professional players change strings before each gig. For general light home use we would recommend you change your strings every 6 months as a minimum. If you play a lot then every few weeks would be more appropriate. read more »

Half gauge guitar strings

EXL 120+ 9.5 gauge guitar strings

Choosing the best electric guitar string gauge for your guitar, type of music and playing style is never easy. Many guitarists wish there was an 'in-between' gauge... and there is!

Several string makers offer 9.5 gauge strings (or nine and a half, if you prefer) and they can be the perfect compromise between the two most common gauges - 9 gauge and 10 gauge strings. read more »

D'Addario warns of Chinese counterfeit strings

How to spot fake D'addario guitar string

Guitar string makers D'Addario have warned that Chinese counterfeit strings are now finding their way onto websites and even legitimate music stores all over the world. Fake D’Addario string sets have been found in the UK, Germany, Brazil, Greece, Turkey, Romania and more... and are getting more difficult to distinguish them from the genuine strings.

Early counterfeit versions of D’Addario strings were easy to spot, with poor quality packaging and printing, but modern production techniques mean that modern copies are more difficult to spot. read more »

Rotosound contact core acoustic guitar strings are now Super Bronze

Rotosound Super Bronze contact core strigs

UK guitar string maker Rotosound have re-branded their famous 'contact core' acoustic guitar strings for 2010. Known as 'Country Golds' since their launch in 1974, the popular strings have been re-christened "Super Bronze" to widen their appeal beyond the Country genre.

James How, Rotosound's founder, pioneered the contact core strings believing that the unusual design with the string's centre core resting on the bridge of the guitar helped to produce a brighter, louder sound with a longer sustain. They also have the side-effect of slightly reducing the action of the guitar without any adjustment! read more »

Halo Guitars choose Sfarzo electric guitar strings

Halo Octavia 8-String guitar

Halo Custom Guitars, whose electric guitars include the amazing Halo Octavia 8-String (pictured) are now fitting Sfarzo strings to all their guitars.

With their tagline Superior guitar strings for superior guitarists, the Sfarzo String Company of Santa Rosa, California produce a range of strings including read more »

GHS Coated Boomers for Electric Guitar now available

GHS Coated Boomers - Electric guitar strings

Round-wound American-made GHS Boomers have been firm favorites with electric guitarists for many years, with their distinctive powerful sound. New for 2010, GHS have anounced a coated version of these poular nickel steel strings. read more »

Slayer's Kerry King chooses Dunlop for Thrash Metal Strings

Slayer guitarist Kerry King

Slayer's axeman Kerry King - aka KFK is the godfather of thrash metal and one of the most influential thrash metal guitarists of our generation. With aggressive high-speed right-hand picking style, aggressive vibrato and severe bends, King tests his guitar strings to destruction. His bald head, spiked wristband, long beard and extensive tattoos read more »

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