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Are you allergic to your nickel guitar strings?

Stainless steel guitar strings - no nickel allergy

Guitar players are used to pain! Building callouses on tender fingertips takes time, and even for established guitarists long hours of practicing and gigging can leave fingers sore and raw. "Played until my fingers bled" is a cool line, but not much fun in real life. But other than the basic mechanical effect of the guitar strings on your fingers, have you considered that you might be allergic to your strings?! Regular electric guitar strings are most often made of steel plated with nickel... and nickel allergy is surprisingly common. In fact it is one of the most common causes of allergic contact dermatitis. Nickel is used in many modern objects, because it keeps them shiny, and in guitar strings it also has positive magnetic properties that give a good reaction from your electric guitar's pickups. read more »

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